Other Publications

Here is a list of magazines that have included my work with links where available: 

Mermaid Mirror: An Anthology of Women Writers, "Scenes From a Women's Bathroom Stall," "Mi Pelo"

Ramingo's Porch, "Retconning"

Five : 2 : One's #thesideshow, "The God Sieve," "The Bus Ride," "Asphalt Fruit," "Looks Back Into You," "Running Barefoot"

The Turnip Truck(s), "Pisces," "Nests" 

Schlock! Webzine, "The Seven Wives of Richard Copeland" (short story)

The Broke Bohemian, "That One I Wrote During the Eclipse" (Editor's Choice)

Duane's PoeTree Blog, "Migraine"

Poetry Breakfast, "Mama"

Aji Magazine, "Cemetery with Whale Bones," "The Submersed"

The MacGuffin, "Male Nude"

Into the Void, "Nuestra Señora de Ogilvie"

The I-70 Review, "Arrowheads"

Cargo, "Koan," "The Dog Star," "Memorial Day," "Prison Mofongo," "Life Support"

Door is a Jar, "Meteor," "Dashed on the Rocks"

The American Journal of Poetry, "The Heart Goes Last," "The Art of the Backyard Haircut"

The Santa Clara Review, "In Event of Moon Disaster"

Panoply, "Little Birds"

Wraparound South, "Mother's Day," "Liberation," "The Laborers"

Joey and the Black Boots, "The Love Song of Trees," "Storm"

The GNU Journal, "The Debriding"


The Voices Project, "Languages, First and Last"

The Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review, "Medicine Wheel," "I Scream, You Scream"

Referential Magazine, "Wild Onions" (included again in Referential Magazine's Best Of 2010-2016 edition.) 


D20 Girls Magazine, "Zombies Anonymous" (short story); later republished in A World of Terror anthology

The SNReview"La Tutayegua" (short story)


Infectus, "The Minotaur's Daughter," "Hard Boiled Eggs," "Untitled"

The Rockhurst Review"Delirium"

Sigma Tau Delta Midwest, "Paper Cuts"


Infectus, "Eye of the Hormiga," "Hanging Blood" 

The Rockhurst Review, "What Nourishes Me"

Glass: A Journal of Poetry, "Ash, Tallow, Candle, Flame, Soap," "O, Bury Me Not"

Verdad Magazine, "Chasing the Worm," "Totem Tortuga," "The Trick of Falling Asleep"

Words-MYTH, "The Wings of Horus"

In the Mist, "Mea Maxima Culpa"


A Tender Touch and a Shade of Blue, "Good Bread"


cold-drill, "Lecciones"

Compass Rose, "West Side Girl"